Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) is a painful condition affecting the sole of the foot.

The common symptoms…..
Is your foot stiff and painful first thing in the morning or after rest?
Is your foot in pain when you run or walk? Or after you’ve finished?
Is your foot pain preventing you from going about your normal daily activities like walking the dog, shopping, exercising?

We offer specialist treatment for plantar fascia at Earlham House Clinic, with clinically proven treatment & advice

Shockwave therapy on Plantar Fasciitis Foot Heel - Earlham House Clinic

Plantar fasciitis is often associated with running. What is the cause?

Often there is no easy cause for plantar fasciitis, especially in older people.

It can be related to exercising on a different surface or wearing shoes with poor arch support, sudden overuse of the sole of the foot such as increased running intensity or distance.

At Earlham House Clinics in Norfolk we have expertise in treating plantar fasciitis.


“Thank you so much”

Was seen by Chloe and she’s amazing! Really knowledgeable, patient, explained everything to me in detail, was gentle and thorough. Wonderful experience and I was in so much pain I could barely walk. She definitely put me at ease. Thank you so much Chloe.

Roberta P / Google

How we treat Plantar Fascillis

Earlham House is a specialist plantar fascia and heel pain clinic offering clinically proven treatment & advice

We tailor our treatment to fit each client’s problem. We take an integrated approach to treatment to get the best result, which may include a mix of oesteopathy, shockwave therapy, clinical acupucture.

In chronic cases where they have had the problem for more than three months, we now use the latest technology – Shockwave Therapy. The latest research on Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy suggests that more than 80% of patients have a very good response after just three treatments within three-weeks.

FIRST, we examine the problem area.
SECONDLY, we talk to you about how to self-manage the pain.
NEXT, we suggest the best treatment plan which may include Shockwave therapy, manual treatment including joint mobilisation, muscle work and addressing associated areas that are contributing to the pain.
FINALLY, we focus on the client’s rehabilitation including strength (with progressive loading), mobilisation and coordination.

We are the only clinic in Norfolk using both Radial pressure shockwave and Focal shockwave. Using these together gives a faster and more effective result getting you’ll be back to health quicker. In addition, we are use the most clinically advanced equipment by Stortz Medical. We now see patients from across Norfolk, Norwich through to Thetford as well as across the border in Suffolk.

Every patient is an individual and we will advise on the BEST TREATMENT for your pain. This may be a single treatment or a combination of different treatments.


Plantar Fasciitis Shockwave Therapy

Below is the pathway for Plantar Fasciitis

Initial Consultation: Cost £85 (45 minutes)

Consultation includes:

  • Postural assessment
  • Treatment plan outlined
  • Individual treatment session (Osteopathy/ Acupuncture/ Taping/ Soft Tissue work/ Shockwave)
  • Tailored Home Exercise plan

After the initial consultation we’ll advise on the best treatment

“Excellent clinic”

Excellent clinic. Liz in particular (who treats me the most) is incredibly knowledgeable, effective and friendly to work with. Whenever I have a muscularskeletal issue, Liz is the first person I go to. I’d highly recommend her, and this clinic.

Tommy R / Google

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