Achilles tendinopathy treatment, commonly known as Heel pain or Achilles heel.

Have you had to stop training?
Is it painful to walk far?
Worried about making the start line of an event you’ve booked?
Repeatedly plagued by injury and want to get the cause sorted?
Tried steroid injections but worried about the possible side effects?

Specialist achilles tendinopathy and heel pain clinic at Earlham House Clinic, offering clinically proven treatment & advice

Achilles tendonopathy treatment Norfolk, Earlham house clinic

Achilles teninopathy is often associated with running.

Achilles tendinopathy is a painful condition caused by a weak, stiff and swollen Achilles tendon.

It is caused by overuse of the Achilles tendon which connects the heel bone of your foot to the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg.

Achilles tendon pain problems occur mostly in runners who suddenly increase their running intensity and duration.

At Earlham House Clinics in Norfolk we are specialists in chronic achilles tendinopathy treatment.


Every patient is an individual and we will advise on the BEST TREATMENT for your pain. This may be a single treatment or a combination of different treatments.


Achilles tendinopathy treatment

Earlham House is a specialist achilles tendon and heel pain clinic offering clinically proven treatment & advice

Every client is an individual and we tailor our treatment to fit your problem. We offer an integrated approach to treatment to get faster result, this include a mix of osteopathy, shockwave therapy, clinical acupuncture

In chronic cases where the client has suffered from the pain for more than three months, we use the latest technology – Shockwave Therapy in Norfolk. According to the latest research on Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, more than 80% of patients have a very good response from three treatments within a three week period.

Our treatment process

First, we examine the problem area.
Second, we talk to you about how to self-manage the pain.
Next, we suggest the best treatment plan which may include Shockwave therapy, manual treatment including joint mobilisation, muscle work and addressing associated areas that are contributing to the pain.
Finally, we focus on the client’s rehabilitation including strength (with progressive loading), mobilisation and coordination.

“Very good assessment”

Very good assessment and treatment plan.

Dianne B / Google

Achilles Tendinopathy Shockwave Treatment

Below is the pathway for Achilles Tendon Treatment

Initial Consultation: Cost £85 (45 minutes)

Consultation includes:

  • Postural assessment
  • Treatment plan outlined
  • Individual treatment session (Osteopathy/ Acupuncture/ Taping/ Soft Tissue work/ Shockwave)
  • Tailored Home Exercise plan

After the initial consultation we’ll advise on the best treatment

“Amazing client care from both Liz and James”

Following a very painful injury the clinic were swift to see me and start treatment. Amazing client care from both Liz and James..

Nat M / Google

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