Osteopath Clinic in Norwich focused on the diagnosis and treatment of Pain and Injury

Osteopathy and Shockwave Therapy, Specialists in Heel Pain (Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy) and Shoulder Pain / Frozen Shoulder.

We are an osteopathic pain and injury clinic located in the heart of Norwich in Norfolk. The clinic was established in 2010 by James Harvey with a mission to provide a friendly professional service for all our patients while offering top quality diagnosis, treatment and care from qualified professional osteopaths who take pride on delivering just that!

Location of Earlham House Osteopathy Clinic in Norwich

Address: Earlham House Clinic, Unit 15 Earlham House, Norwich, Norfolk UK NR2 3PD

Parking: You can park close to the clinic and we offer 1hr free parking with each appointment. Alternatively there is free road parking by the Earlham House Clinic.

Norwich osteopath Clinic reception
Earlham House Norwich osteopath clinic
Earlham House Norwich osteopath Clinic reception

Treatments at Norwich Osteopath Clinic, Earlham House

Osteopaths in Norwich Earlham House Clinics


Pain in the Back/Neck/Shoulder, Hip/Knee/Joints/Arthritic, Muscular aches, Headaches/Migraines, Sciatica.

Shockwave therapy Pain and injury Earlham House Clinics Norwich


Radial & focused shock treatments. Clinically proven & non-invasive treatment with faster results.


We have specialist expertise in specific Foot and Shoulder Pain and Injuries, Headaches, and Mother and Baby issues.

Heel pain plantar fasciilis treatments pricing Earlham House Clinics Norfolk


(Plantar fasciitis)

Specialist heel pain and injury clinic. Non-invasive, fast results.

Heel pain Achilles tendinopathy treatment Norwich Earlham House Clinics


(Achilles tendinopathy)

Specialist Achilles pain clinic. Non-invasive, fast results.

Shoulder pain frozen shoulder treatment Earlham House Clinic


(Frozen Shoulder)

Specialist interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of Frozen Shoulder.


What is osteopathy in Norwich?

Osteopathy is a practical form of healthcare that treats the whole body. It is a hands-on treatment that provides relief for physical conditions and pain relating to the body’s structural system, the musculoskeletal system of the body.

Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation and stretching to increase the mobility of joints. And manipulation to relieve muscle tension and enhance blood supply as well relieving any pain or discomfort that may be present. All to help your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Why people see an osteopath in Norwich?

Whether you’re suffering from pain following injury, repetitive strain, sports injuries or chronic pain effective treatment can provide relief or improve your pain. Osteopathy is a gentle and safe form of therapy and is suitable for adults, children and infants. 

We treat a wide range of pain and injury problems at Earlham House Clinic, including:
– shoulder pain/ neck pain/ back pain
– foot pain/ heel pain/ plantar fasciitis/ tendon pain/ achilles pain
– hip pain and knee pain
– muscular aches
– headaches and migraines
– joint pain / arthritic pain
– sciatica

Each treatment is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Our osteopaths look after patients with a range of painful conditions from the local Norfolk areas of Norwich, Dereham, Attleborough, Wymondham, Hingham, Hethersett, Watton etc. We treat patients with chronic and complex problems from the Norfolk area as well as from further afield in Suffolk.

Need advice from our specialist osteopaths in Norwich?

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