Clinical Acupuncture or Dry Needling

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce pain by stimulating your brain and spinal cord to produce more of your own natural body chemicals to reduce the pain, such as endorphins, serotonin.

Clinical acupuncture or dry needling is used in conjunction with our osteopathic treatments. The techniques of acupuncture can be an integral part in managing pain and inflammation. Our practitioners will advise accordingly.

What is Clinical Acupuncture or Dry Needling?

This treatment is where a patient has a small number of very fine needles inserted directly and deep into muscles.

Dry needling provides a fast effective route to pain relief using fine needles inserted into trigger points in muscles. The needles penetrate deep into the muscles to relieve tension and increase blood flow in that particular area.

As the needles are inserted, the needles may hit stubborn knots which are inaccessible to massage. These knots can cause long held pain and referred pain via nerve pathways such as caused by whiplash or tension headaches.

Dry needling is based on modern medical science and practised only by doctors and qualified health practitioners following postgraduate training.

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Every patient is an individual and we will advise on the BEST TREATMENT for your pain. This may be a single treatment or a combination of different treatments.



Thank you so much

Was seen by Chloe and she’s amazing! Really knowledgeable, patient, explained everything to me in detail, was gentle and thorough. Wonderful experience and I was in so much pain I could barely walk. She definitely put me at ease. Thank you so much Chloe.

Roberta P / Google

They were both amazing

I have seen both James & Liz here for chronic headaches and migraines and they were both amazing. They both helped relieve my pain a tremendous amount and set me on the path to finding the cause of my chronic pain. I can’t thank them enough and I’d recommend them to anyone needing their help! Thank you both!

Jo / Google

I have a life again

Been seeing Rachel for a few months now, before I started treatment I was in so much pain after work I’d cry at the thought of getting out the car and putting pressure on my feet, sometimes sleep in the car so I didn’t have to get out… But after seeing Rachel I have a life again and sometimes forget I even have foot problems.

Jack K / Google

Highly recommend

I feel my visits with James are very beneficial to my shoulder problem. Using different techniques along with massage has been different to other methods I have tried, would highly recommend

Hayley C / Google

First nights full sleep

I’ve had the first nights full sleep since I don’t know when, I have never had this sort of treatment before. It’s like a new shoulder, can’t wait for more in 2 weeks butterfly on testimonial

Amanda E / Facebook

Very pleased

After years of rotator cuff pain in both shoulders James has eased my discomfort considerably – it does take time & money together with daily exercises. I’m very pleased with the ongoing results smiley on testimonial

Debbie C / Facebook

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